More than four decades ago, the Miguel family began their career in the world of food. Today, several generations down the line, it has a renewed commitment to diversification and ongoing improvement. Artysan offers a wide range of maximum quality products to satisfy the most demanding palates all over the world. Control over the whole production process, from selection of the genetic lineage, nutrition based on our own feedstuffs, rearing on our farms respecting all aspects of animal welfare and the slaughter complying with the strictest requirements established by the food health and safety standards all make the group a leader in the domestic meat sector. Drive, dedication, effort and a great will to improve and learn mean that, with every new project, we are fully committed to achieving the full satisfaction of all our customers.

La Alegría Riojana


La Alegría Riojana S.A. was constituted in 1949. Its founder, Mr. Gonzalo Ibáñez García, a true entrepreneur, and his family created a production plant of 16,000 m2 in continuous expansion. La Alegría Riojana is in an exquisite natural area. Its location, in the heart of the Moncalvillo mountains, in Villa de Camprovín, was the birthplace of Castilian Spanish.  At an altitude of 673 metres above sea level with a unique microclimate, it gives our products the perfect delicate curing that characterises them, along with unrivalled flavour the mountain air is still used in the natural drying process.



Pere Boadas and his wife María Vilaplana founded the company known today as BOADAS 1880. One thing that was very important to the couple when serving their customers was hygiene (rather unusual in those times), and all meat was sold wrapped in parchment paper.

Embutidos Carchelejo


Embutidos Carchelejo S.L. is a family business that dates back more than 50 years. Deep in Carchelejo in the province of Jaén, this town belongs to the “Sierra Mágina” region, which has one of the largest natural parks in Spain. Carchelejo, at a height of more than 900 metres and in the heart of the mountains, is backed by an ancient charcuterie tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and today Embutidos Carchelejo is the greatest exponent in the region.



Since its creation in 1959, Coren has evolved and grown and become the largest food and agriculture Cooperative in the country. A leading group that has managed to diversify their business lines to gain a distinctive presence in the markets of the poultry, pork and beef farming, with the aim of providing the best for their consumers. To do this, no effort or investment has been spared, setting up a pioneering company in terms of traceability and food safety.

Chacinerias Diaz


With more than 100 years of experience, our company structure covers the whole production sequence, the manufacture of feedstuffs, the farming itself, the slaughter and the manufacture of sausages and hams (both white and Iberian pork); all guided by a quality policy that covers the highest standards. Thus, the quality of our products is ensured and the traceability guaranteed.

Expert craftsmanship and technological progress are combined at our facilities, where the continuous care of the raw material extends from the origin to the final moment it is tasted, giving confidence in the flavour of always, in a wide variety of innovative presentations.

Embutidos España e Hijos


For more than two decades, at Embutidos España we have been offering our customers maximum quality sausages and hams, which has consolidated the company as one of the most important Spanish meat producers of the future. Embutidos España is based on the success of new products and their innovative features that make them stand out from the rest.

Embutidos Galar


Embutidos Galar is a family business specialising in cured products: chorizo, salchichón and chistorra (800-1000 tonnes per year).
These sausages come in several types and formats (cut pieces, by sale unit, sliced products, etc.).

Run by four siblings responsible for the management, manufacture and marketing, this company unites artisan traditions with the most modern installations and manufacture techniques.



Goikoa started out more than 70 years ago, set up by Eugenio, who started by making and selling chorizo in a small butcher’s in Sangüesa. His son Javier, the true protagonist in the creation and development of Goikoa, devoted his energy and passion for the product to the company, making it grow as an industry. Today it is his children, having inherited his passion and spirit of ongoing improvement, who work and fight for this family business.

Grupo Alimentario GUISSONA


Agropecuaria de Guissona was founded in 1959, when a group of pioneers in the La Segarra (Lleida) region began livestock farming with the aim of obtaining a little extra revenue to complement the uncertain profits of working the land. They agreed to join forces to form a cooperative that would provide the services and raw materials necessary for their farms and, in the future, the marketing of their own products.

Embutidos y Jamones La Hoguera


Embutidos La Hoguera S.A. is a food and agriculture company that started out in 1986, as the continuation of an integrated project that covers the whole the chain from the pig rearing, slaughter and cutting room stages to the transformation of the products.

Industrias Cárnicas Iglesias


Cárnicas Iglesias is a family businessfounded in 1928 and devoted to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of processed pork products, principally hams and sausages from both white and Iberian pigs.

Embutidop y Jamones Amando Loza


Since we began, in around 1920, our objective has always been to obtain maximum quality products seeking the full satisfaction of our customers.

Aware of the high standards involved, we face the future with our characteristic enthusiasm, sure that they will continue to place their trust in us.

Martínez Somalo


Know-how inherited generation after generation since 1900, La Rioja, a unique region, the best raw materials and the need to improve day by day all make Martínez Somalo a unique company, like their products, like their craftsmen. There are many sausages and hams but only one Martínez Somalo. Try it and you will feel the difference.

Noel Alimentaria


The customer likes to choose. This is the concept we base our work on at NOEL. A concept based on the quality and diversity of our different areas of production. A concept that enables us to monitor the whole sequence and every one of the links of the chain of consumption.



Palcarsa is a company in the province of Leon that has been manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of sausages since 1946.

Ramón Ventulà


Ramón Ventulá is a family business founded in the 1950s, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of sausages, cured ham and Serrano ham. We aresuppliers of sausages of different types, such as: chorizo, various bacons and fuet, as well as of several types of hams with or without the bone.

Embutidos y Jamones Rodríguez


From generation to generation, Embutidos Rodríguez continues to manufacture sausages in a natural and traditional way. Our specially selected meats, the premium quality ingredients and good natural curing in our drying rooms and cellars are the perfect combination to obtain the traditional sausages we produce: chorizo, pork loin, hams, dried meat and salchichón.

Industrias Cárnicas Tello


Industrias Cárnicas Tello is a company based in Totanés (Toledo) Spain dedicated to the preparation of meat products, with more than 50 years of experience. We are currently leading the top companies in the meat processing sector in Spain and every day we have a greater presence in the rest of the world.

Torre Nuñez


Torre de Núñez started out more than 50 years ago, when its founder Manual José Núñez Aldegunde and Maria Asunción Torre Penelas began the distribution of their meat products all over Spain, bringing them to the most demanding of tables.

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