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#ChorizoBBQ is an action that is being carried out by the Spanish Chorizo Consortium which is accompanied by gastronomic branded content creators and aimed to:

  • Spread the gastronomic potential of the authentic Spanish Chorizo.
  • Announce the possibilities of the #SpanishChorizo in barbecue grills. We know that chorizo is a regular ingredient of traditional summer barbecues, but we want to know how you prepare them (grilled, marinated, etc) and what you like to accompany them with.
  • Explain that #SpanishChorizo contain proteins, vitamins and minerals that in an adequate amount can fit well in a balanced diet.

How is #ChorizoBBQ? going to develop?

Once the participants sign up in our oficial participation form in #ChorizoBBQ, from the Spanish Chorizo Consortium we will send them the contestant pack, consisting of:

  • A packet with 8 barbecue chorizos (ideal for grills).
  • A portable barbecue grill, a chopping board, a knife, a barbecue tong and and an apron from the Spanish Chorizo Consortium.

We will also send them the participants’ manual, through which we will tell them further about the stages of #ChorizoBBQ.

  • Posting dates.
  • Hashtags and social media of the Consortium so they have the latest news about the #SpanishChorizo.
  • Inclusion of the participants’ post in our website and diffusion of their post and website through our social media.

If you find everything you read here interesting, we look forward to your registration. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is an association of companies from the Spanish meat sector, who are experts in the production and export of high quality Spanish chorizo.


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