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#ChorizoPicnic is initiative by the Spanish Chorizo Consortium that will take place during July and August 2022, taking advantage of the Summer season and the high temperatures to enjoy such a classic plan as an outdoor picnic day where, of course, #SpanishChorizo can’t be missing.

From the Spanish Chorizo Consortium, we want to see how you enjoy a picnic day with #SpanishChorizo, which is why we launch this action with bloggers specialising in gastronomy from Spain, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Our goals are:

  • Explain that the Spanish Chorizo is not only a symbol of our gastronomy, but a natural food without allergens, additives, or preservatives, that fits into a modern lifestyle, being perfect for sandwiches, appetizers and day trips with family or friends. And it’s delicious!
  • Disseminate the gastronomic potential of the authentic Spanish chorizo internationally.


How is #ChorizoPicnic going to develop?

Once you sign up for the oficial #ChorizoPicnic participation form, the Spanish Chorizo Consortium we will send you the Participant’s Pack, made up of:

  • A sweet chorizo ring, our flagship product.
  • A spicy chorizo ring.
  • A sliced chorizo pack, ready to eat.
  • A typical picnic tablecloth.
  • A freezer bag to preserve the chorizo.
  • A chopping board and a knife.

We will send you as well the Participant’s Manual, in which we will tell you more details about the next stages that #ChorizoPicnic will consist of:

  • Publication dates.
  • Hashtags and social media of the Consortium so you will be updated about #SpanishChorizo.
  • Inclusion of your publication in our website and diffusion of it and your blog in our social media.

If you have any question, you can download the #ChorizoPicnic dossier with all the information about this initiative, or you can contact us at marketing@chorizoespanol.es.

If everything you have read so far has seemed interesting to you, we look forward to your registration. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is an association of companies from the Spanish meat sector, who are experts in the production and export of high quality Spanish chorizo.


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