The Consortium


The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is a voluntary association that groups companies in the Spanish meat sector, all experts in chorizo production and export, with the aim of producing and marketing authentic high quality Spanish Chorizo.

The Spanish Chorizo seal ensures the origin – Spain – and a unique guarantee. It certifies monitoring of the product piece by piece, creating a distinctive brand and recognition for its sale in the home market.

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  • Tradition and authenticity. The chorizo plays a large part in Spanish gastronomy and culture.
  • The result of the experience accumulated throughout the centuries by the best charcuterie masters.
  • 100% Spanish product. A product that is always manufactured in Spain, with 100% Spanish premium quality ingredients.
  • A unique chorizo. Chorizos with the Consortium’s seal are differentiated by their appearance, texture, odour and flavour and by their impeccable presentation.
  • Quality control. An annual audit of all the members’ factories and the ongoing inspection throughout the whole production process guarantee the optimum quality of the Chorizos


To bring a product with a long-lasting tradition in Spain to the international market, based on the strict monitoring of the ingredients, the manufacturing processes and the product traceability. Gastronomy is a source of culture that is extremely rich in Spain and the Spanish Chorizo is one of the hallmarks of our cuisine and our cultural and gastronomic tradition. The knowhow of our charcuterie masters, applying centuries-old knowledge and techniques is a value that we hope to pass on to the final consumer. Quality, tradition, culture… values that we ensure through our quality seal and the strictest product selection.


Only the Chorizo by the Spanish Chorizo Consortium can be distinguished by our label. A quality tag that ensures the origin of the product and all of its ingredients: Spain. Only products that have passed our rigorous selection system, based on quality audits from the origin of the animal, compliance with the animal welfare standards, abattoirs, cutting plants, manufacturing processes for ingredients and piece by piece selection of the final product are allowed to bear the label of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium. Thus we ensure the chorizo fulfils the guarantee expectations of the final consumer.


  • Be a Spanish company.
  • All production processes performed in Spain.
  • Spanish raw material.
  • Pass quality audits.
  • Extra Quality Chorizo in accordance with RD 64/2014.
  • The raw materials
Meat exclusively from white male and female pork. Only from animals born, fattened and slaughtered in Spain. Must comply with the animal welfare regulations. Only the following cuts of pork: deboned shoulder and ham, lean pork trimmings, pork fat, streaky bacon, dewlap without glands and fatty trimmings. The raw materials must be perfectly traced. Only paprika from fruit grown, dried and ground in Spain is allowed.


The primary objective of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium is to position a quality product in the foreign market, carrying out actions in the channel (HORECA-RETAIL), educating consumers and combating the intrusion of foreign manufacturers that damage the image of Spanish Chorizo by selling a very low quality product under the name of Spanish Chorizo. To achieve our goals we have the support of ICEX with the annual Chorizo Sector Plan, thus recognising the significance of our product and our work, sharing a common objective: to defend a product with a great tradition in Spain. You can find our schedule of actions on our calendar.