More than four decades ago, the Miguel family began their professional career in the world of food. Today, several generations later, with a renewed vocation, they are committed to great diversification and continuous improvement. Artysan offers a wide variety of products of the highest quality to satisfy the most demanding palates around the world.

The control of the entire production process – from the selection of genetic lines, feed based on their own nutrition, breeding on their farms, fully respecting animal welfare and slaughter, and meeting the maximum requirements established in safety standards and food hygiene – place the group as one of the benchmarks in the national meat sector. Commitment, dedication, effort, and a tremendous desire to improve and learn mean that, with each new project, Artysan is involved with the process until it achieves the full satisfaction of all its clients.




Since its foundation in 1880, the history of Boadas is linked to that of the high Spanish charcuterie. Pere Boadas, together with his wife María Vilaplana, founded the current Boadas 1880, taking into account hygiene in the service to their customers (something unusual at that time), and all the meat was sent out wrapped in parchment paper.

Five generations later, the Boadas family remains loyal to its origins, perpetuating artisan recipes inherited from father to son, in order to preserve the traditional preparation of its chorizo, obtaining an exceptional flavour, aroma and texture.



Embutidos Carchelejo

Embutidos Carchelejo S.L. is a family business that is more than 50 years old. It is located in the municipality of Carchelejo, in the province of Jaén, in the region of Sierra Mágina, which has one of the largest natural parks in Spain. Carchelejo, situated more than 900 meters high and in the middle of the mountains, is backed by an ancient charcuterie tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and today Embutidos Carchelejo is the greatest representative of this in the region.




Since its creation in 1959, Coren has evolved and grown to become the most important agri-food cooperative in the entire national scene. A leading group that has managed to diversify its lines of business to gain an outstanding presence in the poultry, pork, and beef markets, with the aim of making the best available to consumers. For this, it has spared no effort and investment, establishing itself as a pioneer company in terms of traceability and food safety.



Costa Food Group

Costa Food Group´s history is linked to the birth of Piensos Costa en Fraga (Huesca) in 1966. The company began its activity with the purchase and sale of cereals and since then it has been applying models of integration, expansion and growth that have allowed it to consolidate itself as a reference in the national and European agri-food sector.

Today it is present in 107 countries and has an annual income of 600 million euros.

They are part of Costa Food Group Casademont´s holding, with a family tradition of four generations of charcuterie makers and the most advanced technology in the sector to innovate in the production of high quality charcuterie products; and since 2021 La Alegría Riojana, a company with more than 70 years of dedication to the production of a wide range of sausages, always combining tradition, innovation and heart.



Chacinerías Díaz

With more than 100 years of experience, its company structure covers the entire production cycle: the feed factory, its own livestock, the slaughterhouse, and the sausage and ham factory (both white pig and Iberian pig).They have the highest standards, and because of this, the quality of its products and the assurance of traceability are guaranteed.

Craftsmanship and technological advancement are combined with the continuous care of raw produce, from their origin to the final moment of its tasting, restoring confidence in traditional flavours in a great variety of innovative presentations.




Emcesa is a meat products company that works every day to offer its customers and consumers top quality food. A careful, traditional, and innovative process which means that many points of sale and homes can be reached with a wide range of products, covering their needs for variety, food, nutrition, and well-being. They have a high commitment to the environment and to incorporating technological alternatives for the company that minimises the impact on the environment, and at the same time, measures sanitary quality standards.


Miguel España e Hijos

Miguel España e Hijos

For more than two decades, Miguel España e Hijos has offered its customers the highest quality sausages and hams, which has made the company consolidate itself as one of the Spanish meat companies with the greatest projection for the future. Miguel España e Hijos success of new products and their innovative features make them stand out from the competition.


galar foods

Embutidos Galar

Embutidos Galar is a family business specialised in cured products; chorizos, salchichones and chistorras (800-1000 tons per year), in various types and formats (such as cut pieces, per unit of sale, and sliced, for example).

At present, there are four brothers who are in charge of both the management and the manufacturing, and the marketing, combining artisan customs with the most modern facilities and production techniques.




Goikoa was created more than 70 years ago out of the hands of Eugenio, who began by making and selling sausages in a small butcher shop in Sangüesa. His son Javier, the true protagonist of the creation and development of Goikoa, pours his energy and passion for the products into the company, and makes it grow as an industry. Today, it is his children, heirs to this passion and spirit of permanent improvement, who work and fight for this family business.



La Selva

One hundred years ago, Josep Albertí, together with his wife, Mercè Bosch, opened a modest butcher shop in Campllong (Girona, Spain). The fresh meat and cold cuts they made were very well accepted throughout the area and they quickly gained a reputation for quality and very fresh produce.



Embutidos y Jamones La Hoguera

Embutidos La Hoguera S.A. is an Agrifood Company, which began its activity in 1986, as a continuation of a comprehensive project that encompasses the entire chain: from pig production, slaughterhouse, cutting room, to the transformation of products.



Industrias Cárnicas Iglesias

Cárnicas Iglesias is a family business founded in 1928 and dedicated to the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of products derived from pork, mainly hams and sausages, from both Iberian pig and white pig.



Martínez Somalo

With the know-how inherited generation after generation since 1900, the particular region of La Rioja, the best raw materials, and the need to improve day by day, all make Martínez Somalo a unique company, like its products, like its artisans. There are many sausages and hams, but there’s only one Martínez Somalo.




Palcarsa is a company in the province of León that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of sausages since 1946, in order to bring an excellent flavour to the table with a high standard of food safety. This result is gained from its experience, the selection of raw produce, the constant renewal of production facilities and machinery, logistics optimisation, and, of course, its human team.



Ramón Ventulà

Ramón Ventulá is a family business founded in the 50s, specialised in the production and distribution of sausages, cured ham, serrano ham, chorizos, tocineta (pork belly bacon), panceta, bacon, and fuet, as well as various types of hams with or without the bone.



Industrias Cárnicas Tello

Industrias Cárnicas Tello is a company based in Totanés (Toledo, Spain), dedicated to the production of meat products, with more than 50 years of experience. Currently, it is placed at the top of the leading companies in the meat processed sector in Spain and every day it has a greater presence in the rest of the world.



Noel Alimentaria

“The customer likes to choose.” That is the concept that Noel is based on. It is a concept of quality and diversity, each applied to its different production areas; a concept that allows them to control the entire cycle and each of the links in the consumption chain.



Embutidos y jamones Rodríguez

From generation to generation, Embutidos Rodríguez continues to make its sausages in a natural and artisan way. Its specially selected meats, the highest quality ingredients, and appropriate natural curing in its drying rooms and cellars are the perfect combination to obtain its traditional sausages: chorizos, lomo, jamones, cecina y salchichón.


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