The Consortium brings together retail experts to discuss the future of the sector

2 de June de 2020

They discussed all the challenges currently faced by the retail sector, and examined the future hand in hand with digitisation. This has been the main objective of the conference organised by the Spanish Chorizo Consortium, in which the evolution that has been experienced in recent years and how companies from different sectors will face the future have both been analysed from various points of view.

At the event, which began with a welcome from Alfonso Alcázar, president of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium and director of Grupo Tello, experts from different areas discussed the current situation of the retail sector. From his perspective, he explained the importance of this aspect within the meat sector, one of the most important in the Spanish market, which is facing significant challenges due to its special characteristics.

Ignacio Sánchez, general director of Leroy Merlin, presented his vision of the strategy to lead business in the 21st century at the main conference. Among other aspects, he indicated the importance of investing in times of crisis and thus being able to strengthen businesses. He placed special emphasis on the need on the behalf of the consumer to feel shopping experiences through the digitisation of markets, an aspect that is achieved by making it easy to contact and build a relationship with the brand.

The day closed with a round table moderated by Mónica Prado, head of the Economics area of ​​Antena 3, and in addition to Ignacio Sánchez; María Sánchez, Noel’s marketing director; Ángel Monreal, CEO and founder of Fresh Core Consulting; and Oriol López, Celeritas sales director. They discussed the way in which technology is affecting the purchasing process and the need by companies to update in order to get closer to the final consumer; in addition to the unavoidable adaptation of logistics and distribution processes to the digitisation of retail. In this sense, one of the most outstanding points was the debate on how it can affect fresh and refrigerated products and existing solutions, always taking into account the importance of brands transmitting the necessary security to the customer so that they trust that it will arrive in the best condition as it has left the distribution point.

In addition, the new ways of promoting the world’s leading ecommerce brands and their business models were analysed in order to boost sales through knowledge of the tastes and needs of their target audience, and thus they could adjust their marketing strategies for the market.

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