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The Spanish Chorizo Consortium) is an association of companies that brings businesses from the Spanish meat industry together – all of them experts in the production and export of chorizo – with the objective to produce and market authentic and high quality Spanish chorizo.

The Consortium of Spanish Chorizo seal guarantees one origin – Spain – and a unique warranty. It certifies control of the product in a thorough way, creating a distinctive and recognised brand for its commercialisation in national markets.

The Spanish Chorizo Consortium


Technical requirements to be part of the Consortium:
• Must be a Spanish company.
• Must carry out the production process in Spain.
• Must use Spanish raw material.
• Must pass quality audits.
• Must produce high quality chorizo as established in RD 474/2014.

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• Must come exclusively from the pig, with no distinction of sex.
• Only from animals born, fattened, and slaughtered in Spain.
• Animal welfare regulations must be complied with.
• Cuts must be exclusively made of pork: boneless shoulder and ham, lean pork trimmings, pork fat, streaky bacon, dewlap without glands, and fatty trimmings
Raw materials must be able to be perfectly traced.
• The paprika must come exclusively from fruits grown, dried, and ground in Spain.

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  • Tradition and authenticity: chorizo ​​is part of Spanish gastronomy and culture.
  • Knowledge: only the best and most experienced master butchers make Spanish chorizo ​​a unique product.
  • A 100% Spanish product: always made in Spain, and with 100% Spanish premium quality produce.
  • A unique chorizo: the chorizos with the Consortium seal are distinguished by their appearance, texture, smell, and taste, as well as by their impeccable presentation.
  • Quality control: the factories of our partners are audited annually. Likewise, continuous inspections are carried out throughout the production process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of the chorizos.


We bring a product with a great Spanish heritage to international markets, always with strict control of the raw materials, the manufacturing processes, and product traceability. Spanish gastronomy is a source of culture, and the Spanish chorizo ​​is one of the hallmarks of our cuisine and our traditions. The knowledge of our master butchers, who apply centuries-old knowledge and techniques, is a value that we wish to demonstrate to the final consumer. Quality, cultural tradition, and a strict product selection: these are the values ​​of our seal.


The chorizo ​​of the Spanish Consortium is distinguished by our label, a symbol of quality that certifies the origin of the product and all of its components: Spain.

Only those products that pass our rigorous selection system can carry this label; a system based on quality audits, from the origin of the animals, compliance with animal welfare standards, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, the manufacturing processes of ingredients, to the piece-by-piece selection of the final products.

In this way, we ensure the guarantee and satisfaction of the end consumer.


The chorizo ​​labeled with the seal of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium has the guarantee of quality because of:

  • The TRADITION and KNOWLEDGE of our members who also treat the product with great care and respect.
  • The ORIGIN of the raw material, all of them sourced from Spain and perfectly traced.
  • The CUTS that are added to our sausages are from rated areas that offer a high quality lean cut.
  • The AUDITS carried out on our members which ensure that consumers enjoy a chorizo ​​of the highest quality.



The first objective of the Spanish Chorizo Consortium is to position a quality product in international markets, carrying out actions in the channel (HORECA-RETAIL), educating consumers, and combating intrusions from foreign manufacturers that damage the image of Spanish chorizo. In order to achieve these objectives we have the support of ICEX through the annual preparation of the Chorizo Sector Plan, thus recognising the importance of our product and our work, sharing an ultimate goal in common: defending a product with a great Spanish heritage. In our schedule you can find our calendar of actions.


The Spanish Chorizo Consortium prepares its company report annually as a transparency exercise. It is a summary of the different actions that have been carried out throughout each year, as well as labelled figures, exports, and so on.

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The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is an association of companies from the Spanish meat sector, who are experts in the production and export of high quality Spanish chorizo.


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